Industrial Property Board of Appeals has examined on 7 June 2021 the opposition against the trademark registration No. M 75 580 HASANA KEBABS (fig.) in the name of Mr. Syed Qasim Abbas Bukhari upon the request filed by the trademark attorney Bronislavs Baltrumovics of Agency TRIA ROBIT in the name of Mr. Muhammad Azeem.

The opposition was based on the similarity of the earlier mark and identity and similarity of the relevant services (Article 7(1)(2) of the Law on Trademarks) as well as on bad faith (Article 6(2) of the Law).

The Board of Appeals agreed that the trademarks are similar and the relevant services are identical and similar and upheld the opposition on the basis of Article 7(1)(2) invoked. In the same time, nevertheless of the evidence filed and the earlier history of the dispute (reported here), the Board rejected the grounds of Article 6(2) (bad faith) and rejected the opposition in that part.

In the result, Agency TRIA ROBIT one more time has successfully assisted to the client to defend his trademark rights from attempts of competitors to get the registration. The decision of the Board of Appeal was not appealed further and came into legal force.

Opposition against trademark registration HASANA KEBABS (fig.) No. M 75 580