Agency TRIA ROBIT – 30th anniversary

Agency TRIA ROBIT - 30th anniversary

On 19th July 2021, Agency TRIA ROBIT celebrated the 30th anniversary of the company.
The celebration took place at Birini Castle, where together with the current and former employees of the company, we explored the history of the castle, competed with each other in the Legends game, looking for answers to questions about the Castle of Birini, its park and its former residents.

Amendments to the Customs Law

On 10 June 2021 the Saeima has adopted and on 28 June 2021 the President of the Republic of Latvia has announced amendments to the Customs Law of the Republic of Latvia, which introduce a new procedure for the application of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 June 2013 (EC) No 608/2013 on customs enforcement of intellectual property rights and repealing Council Regulation (EC) No 1383/2003 (hereinafter – Regulation 608/2013) at the national level.

Customs training “The protection of intellectual property rights 2020”

The trademark attorneys of Agency TRIA ROBIT Mr. Broņislavs Baltrumovičs and Ms. Sabīne Ūdre provided presentations on behalf of the right holders HUGO BOSS; L`Oreal; Champagne and Hello Kitty, informing customs officials about the latest trends of the original products and their protection signs, as well as about the most recent counterfeits and their distinguishing features.