Agency TRIA ROBIT has an extensive experience acting on behalf of its clients at all levels from the Board of Appeals to the Supreme Court. The firm has represented its clients in patent, trademark, unfair competition and counterfeit cases. We are proud to say that in many cases our attorneys have reached favorable outcomes for our clients.

As the firm actively works in the Baltic States, Russia and CIS countries, Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia, we are able to combine the forces, which may be very helpful when the same client is litigating the same case in a number of countries. The experience gained during the litigation of a particular case in one country may be of great help for the team litigating in another country. As we are constantly communicating with our associates, we are able to combine, accumulate and pass the expertise of Agency TRIA ROBIT to all of our colleagues, which proved to be a decisive factor in a number of cases.