Domain names

Agency TRIA ROBIT has experience of dealing with all sorts of activities related to domain name protection. We can advise on whether a domain name can be registered and used, by carrying out searches to establish its availability and to look for possible trademark infringements, and we can register domain names in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Additionally, we can assist in domain name renewal and maintenance, acquisition of domain name, and conduct of domain name dispute.


We have an in-house translation department which has particular expertise in the translation of texts relating to subject matter in this field.


The renewal of patents, trademarks and registered designs is handled by our professional renewals team, supported by the firm’s attorneys to ensure that critical renewal dates are carefully monitored and clients’ rights are maintained.

Our services are flexible to meet the individual requirements of our clients.

Freedom to operate

Agency TRIA ROBIT carries out IP due diligence work. We assist clients in achieving their marketing objectives by analyzing third-party patents to identify issues that inhibit freedom-to-operate in specific territories. A typical request is to undertake investigation and render opinion regarding whether a product or process intended for trade by client would infringe the valid and enforceable rights of a third party. We provide our analysis in the form of a written opinion, which assists in defending against claims of patent infringement. We tailor our service to the costs which clients wish to incur in assessing the risks. This may be anything from a brief review of status and entitlement to a thorough validity and freedom-to-operate search or anywhere in between.

When necessary, we assist the client in identifying strategies to obtain freedom-to-operate, such as product redesign and licensing agreements.

The combination of technical experts and litigation experience enables our firm to provide reasonable recommendation and realistic assessments of risk. And with our combined IP services, we have all of the searching and technical resources not normally available to local firms