During the last years counterfeiting has become a global problem. Everything is being counterfeited: famous branded clothing, footwear, cosmetics, luxury goods, popular cigarette brands, household articles and technical devices. Even medicines are counterfeited, thus making damages not only to the profit of intellectual property rights holders, but also causing detrimental effect to the safety and health of the consumers of counterfeited products.

Agency TRIA ROBIT actively works in the field of intellectual property rights enforcement. Our firm has a designated department to confront counterfeiters. We successfully cooperate with the customs and police officers to effectively help our clients to combat counterfeits and to prevent the infringing goods from coming into the market. We also help the police to identify the infringing goods in the marketplace and seize them.

The firm protects intellectual property rights with the court actions against the infringers. We help our clients to save their valuable assets and achieve the desired result with minimum charges and in a relatively short period of time.

During the past years, the firm successfully completed a great number of assignments fighting counterfeiters in the area. Among our clients in this field are world’s leading manufacturers of consumer goods.